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Mayor Kenney & PWD Mark 1,000th Greened Acre

Philly recently crossed 手机怎样翻墙看youtube视频in the movement to make our rivers and creeks cleaner than they've been in generations: we now how have 1,000 Greened Acres soaking up stormwater and preventing sewer overflows.

Check out our blog to learn what that means for our waterways and find out why we wanted to thank community groups, nonprofits, businesses, organizations and residents.

1,000 Greened Acres (So Far): It Took a City >>



Winter Rain Check Perks: Flower Show tickets + wrapped rain barrel raffles!

Winter Rain Check workshops are ideal for those who want a free rain barrel or discounted green stormwater tool installed at their home in time for spring gardening.

To get folks out of hibernation mode, we’re offering a chance at free 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show tickets for Rain Check alumni who refer a friend to any workshop scheduled before February 14, 2018. New participants attending fall-winter workshops (through February) will also be entered to win a special wrapped rain barrel!    

Sign up for a Rain Check workshop + get in on raffles>>

Coming Soon Street Decals

New street decals will let residents know about upcoming GSI projects.

Street Art Decals = Green Projects Coming to Your Area

With so many Green City, Clean Waters green infrastructure projects planned for neighborhoods all over the city, the Philadelphia Water Department is always looking for ways to let residents know about upcoming work that will improve stormwater management in their area.

If you see street decals like those at left, it means construction for 手机如何看youtube projects is scheduled to start nearby within six months.

Decal on your street? Check our construction alerts page, the Water Construction map, our Big Green Map.

Explore the Big Green Map for GSI>>


New Big Green Map Captures Scale of Philly's Growing Green Infrastructure Network 

The latest version of Philadelphia Water's Big Green Map is one of the best places to explore the vast network of Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Philadelphia today. This new, interactive map shows green tools created at both public and private sites and lists the thousands of individual GSI systems found at hundreds of locations across the city.  

Use the Big Green Map today to find green tools like porous paving, stormwater tree trenches and rain gardens in your neighborhood or set up your very own GSI tour!

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Get New Storm Drain Markers for Your Watershed


Get New Storm Drain Markers for Your Watershed! 

Across our city, there are approximately 75,000 inlets collecting stormwater. As rainwater and melting snow washes over our gardens, sidewalks and streets, it picks up pollutants and trash that ends up in these drains. But where do those inlets drain to?

The water, and anything it picks up, heads to your local stream or river. Our new storm drain markers raise awareness about the connection between these inlets and our waterways by naming which of the city's seven watersheds a storm drain empties into.

Click here to learn more and find out how you can get storm drain markers for your local watershed>>



Participate in Soak It Up Adoption

Soak It Up Adoption is an innovative new grant program from the Philadelphia Water Department. Join us as we continue to work with communities across our city to help implement, maintain and share knowledge about green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).

Because of their unique ability to be built into neighborhoods, many people don’t realize what green infrastructure is or how it benefits their communities. This is why we need you! By adopting one or more green stormwater sites you are not only helping us maintain these systems, you are serving as a model for your community.


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